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About Us

Today, in an "App for this and an App for That" world, a formidable opportunity has arisen. With the advent of several key events:

  1. The Mobile Converged Device as the choice Executive Business Tool. (iPhone, Android,Windows Mobile)
  2.  Expanding high-speed internet delivery methods, (Cellular, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, Cable)
  3.  Business social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube)
  4.  Collaboration, IM, and Corporate Presence
  5.  The need for today's executive to be more productive, able to service his or her clients any time, any place, anywhere.

These key events have created a "perfect storm" scenario for Business Mobility® Systems. 

We have identified the needs of "Today's Mobile Executive" and developed an App called the Business Mobility® Client (bMC). This App has been tested on all of the major smart phone platforms and integrates with all major and open source PABXs. 

On December 1st, 2009, we launched the nation's first, fully-cloud based business mobility® service; offering a complete solution for "Today's Mobile Executive". 

As enterprises continue the transition from wired phone systems to cellular telephony and messaging, there is increasing demand to integrate mobile phones with office communications systems and eventually replace the wired desk phone. (BYOD)

The continuing integration of communications and mobility into business processes, as well as advancement in wireless broadband technologies, have created an opportunity for organizations to deploy mobile unified communications, or Business Mobility. Business Mobility® Systems will vastly improve productivity by enabling workers to communicate in all the ways they are used to from virtually anywhere.

As more and more organizations clamor for greater control over the myriad of telephony options, combined with the need to prepare for Business Mobility® and collaboration (UC), IT organizations will need to employ mechanisms that extend PBX functionality to users connected via cell phones.

Business Mobility® Systems, Inc. (BMS) is taking advantage of this enormous shift in business communications that is gearing up now and poised for explosive growth. Through its relationships with best of breed manufacturers, an exceptional understanding of how the technology fits market needs, and a wide range of industry expertise and relationships, BMS has an opportunity to become a highly distinguished and recognized industry leader in the business mobility® industry by offering a unique set of solutions that directly address these revolutionary changes across the business communications landscape.