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The Mobile Executive

We have identified the needs of "The Mobile Executive" and developed an App called the Business Mobility®Client (bMC). This App has been tested on all of the major smart phone and tablet platforms and integrates with all major and open source PABXs and Softswitches. Furthermore, the bMC App has been approved by all digital distribution platforms.

Technology has become more critical to businesses than ever before. Today, Business Executives expect to be able to reach decision-making personnel within their organization at almost any given time.  With iMOBX, they can do just that. Our solutions provide benefits in enhanced business communications, business processes, and cost savings by offering one consolidated communication device, one phone number, and one voicemail box to streamline your business.

 We offer the FIRST True Deskphone Relpacement Solution. 

We go beyond Call Forwarding and Simultaneous Ring with no network restrictions.
iMOBX integrates fixed and mobile voice solutions, delivering a converged communications experience, so people can be reached on a single number wherever they are – it lets them be in two places at the same time. It’s a simpler, more effective way for business to manage  voice communications. With iMOBX, you receive a complete telephony solution with a suite of call management features.