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A True Desk Phone Replacement

Use your SmartPhone for all Corporate Communication

The Business Mobility®  Solution truly brings Enterprise class communication functionality to your SmartPhones and Tablets and thus Complements or replaces your Desk Phones or Soft Clients.

With the Business Mobility® solution the mobile phone becomes a fully featured, telephone extension with following functions:

  • Single Business Phone Number – Single Voice Mail
  • Outbound mobile calls display Business Number
  • Dial extensions from mobile phone
  • Mobile calls anchored in PBX: apply standard dialing permission and ability
  • to audit/log calls
  • Support for using Enterprise class telephony features both in cellular and WIFI
  • calling modes

Voice over IP calling capabilities for enabling VoIP both in corporate WIFI infrastructureas well as over 3G/4G LTE networks.

  • Cost Saving through Voice over WIFI
  • Reduce or eliminate roaming charges for companies with international travel
  • Improve indoor coverage on corporate campuses through WIFI infrastructure
  • Replace cordless phone infrastructure

Increase the security of Mobile Communications

  • Mobile calls from mobile device are authenticated by bMC Controller – eliminates

       risk of caller ID “spoofing”

  • bMC Solution provides possibility of encrypted VoIP calls over WLAN and 3G/4G LTE

Save Cost on Cellular Calls

  • Mobile Lowest Cost Routing (MLCR) configurable
  • Call-Trough; Call-Back; Call-Reverse; Travel SIM; Flat rate plan etc

Delivers Mobile Unified Communications such as IM and Presence


Easy to Deploy and install -

There is no need to upgrade your PBX, or replace your desktop phone to use the Business Mobility® Solution. Through our broad support for PBX s from a multitude of vendors, we can integrate our mobility-enhancing products with your existing equipment. In addition to this, the Business Mobility®  Controller features a sophisticated deployment functionality to facilitate and expedite both the deployment and lifecycle