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What Makes Xirrus Different?

Xirrus Xtreme Density (XD) Wi-Fi are the highest density Wi-Fi Access Points (APs) that deliver the fastest Wi-Fi available in the industry. Xirrus XD4 is the only 4-radio all 802.11ac AP available in the market, supports four times more users, reduces the amount of equipment deployed by 75 percent and decreases total cost of ownership by up to 50 percent versus competing products.


The XD4 integrates four 802.11ac capable radios and optimizes performance with automated RF configuration. The XD platform, paired with Xirrus’ award winning XMS cloud management system, delivers groundbreaking performance and simplicity. The platform automatically chooses the best available bands and power level without IT intervention and customizes client connectivity for the best performance based on the capability of each device, delivering a true zero-touch experience.


TurboXpress, featured on all XD APs, allows administrators to configure every radio on the AP for high-speed 802.11ac operation, with the click of a mouse, providing an instant Wi-Fi performance boost of up to 6x. The TurboXpress feature means that the Xirrus XD AP is the only solution in the industry that can add wireless capacity instantaneously without adding APs. In addition, TurboXpress provides unprecedented investment protection by enabling the ability to effortlessly address changing needs.


Stream-line IT operations with the Xirrus Management System (XMS), hosted either in the cloud or on-premise. XD Wi-Fi integrates a set of powerful network services to optimize performance and ensure enterprise-grade wireless reliability including:

  • acXpress: Separate high-speed 802.11ac from low-speed Wi-Fi clients to optimize performance for all clients and ensure the best user experience.
  • Application Control: Ensure predictable Wi-Fi traffic performance and enforce policies for more than 1400 business-critical applications through integrated application visibility and control directly on the AP.


With most traditional wireless solutions, a central controller oversees the operation and maintenance of tens to hundreds of APs at once. In these networks, a single controller failure will impact the operation of all connected APs and their users. However as businesses add capacity to their network, they also need to add more controllers at significant expense and complexity. XD Wi-Fi integrates the controller function into every AP, reducing system costs and improving overall system reliability.

At a Glance

  • 4-radio all 802.11ac AP delivers highest density and fastest Wi-Fi available
  • Supports four times more users
  • Reduces equipment deployed by 75 percent
  • Decreases total cost of ownership up to 50 percent